sierra grey
Plano fabric
100 % polyester | 230 gr/m2
Plano is a robust and versatile fabric suited to a wide range of applications, making it an ideal choice for office environments. Due to the flat texture of the polyester weave, Plano has an understated appearance that is compatible with countless products.
Plano is available in 39 colours.
2 – Choose your seat cushion colour
Don't hesitate to ask us some advice and/or to order some free samples.
Backrest: LightNet mesh black
Seat: Plano 73 nero / coconut
Base: deep black plastic
Backrest: LightNet mesh white
Seat: Plano 18 light grey / sierra grey
Base: deep black plastic
3 – Order
Choose your AM Chair with or without armrests and click on View to choose your options: backrest and seat colours, base finish, wheels for hard floor / carpet.
1 – Choose the LightNet mesh colour for your backrest
Backrest: LightNet mesh sierra grey
Seat: Plano 74 sierra grey / nero
Base: deep black plastic
AM Chair with 2D armrests (adjustable height and width)
or 3D armrests (adjustable height, width and depth)
AM Chair w/o armrests

Customise yourself your chair

Ready made chairs

Vitra's entry-level model, the AM chair offers an excellent price-quality ratio to organise your workspace. Equipped with all options – weight-responsive synchronised mechanism, seat height, seat depth and backrest height adjustments, armrests, etc. –, it is easy to adjust and it is adapted to frequent changes of users.
FINISHES – The back in LightNet mesh is stretched on a deep black polyamide frame and is available in 3 colours. The contoured seat cushion is covered with Plano fabric, a robust polyester fabric ideal for professional environments that comes in 39 colours. The AM Chair is available with or without armrests. The 5-leg base is available in black plastic or black painted aluminum.
LABEL – Office swivel chair with 2D or 3D armrests in accordance with EN 1335, Ergonomic Seal of Approval (LGA Nuremberg).
Seat mechanism weight-responsive synchronised mechanism and manual fine-tuning of backrest resistance with 180° adjustment knob. The backrest can be locked in the upright position. Equipped with seat height and seat depth adjustment.
Backrest  height adjustable backrest, made of deep black polyamide. Cover in LightNet mesh fabric, stretched over frame, and available in 3 colours: black, sierra grey, white.
Armrests (optional) 2 armrests types available: 2D armrests with adjustable height and width, 3D armrests with adjustable height, width and depth. Armrest supports in polyamide with polyurethane pads, both in deep black.
Seat seat plate made of polyamide; contoured seat cushion made of polyurethane foam covered with Plano fabric, available in 39 colours.
Base  five-star base in deep black plastic (polyamide) or in aluminium powder-coated in deep black, with double castors Ø60mm
Model available for quick delivery  polyamide base, 2D armrests (adjustable height and width), seat in Plano 66 nero fabric, backrest in black LightNet mesh.



AM chair


design Alberto Meda, 2016

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