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The Result chair, the Pyramid tables and benches can be combined to suit your needs. The different finishes blend beautifully to furnish your interior.
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The Pyramid coffee tables 51 are available in 2 sizes: Ø60xH44cm and Ø45xH54cm.

> Pyramid Coffee Tables 51 – 2 sizes available

The Pyramid café tables 21 are available with 2 table top shapes: square and round. The square table top is 70cm side and the round one has a 70cm diameter. Both tables are 74cm high.

> Pyramid Café Tables 21 – 2 designs available

The Pyramid tables are available with 2 designs. The first one – Pyramid 1 – offers a trestle that slightly goes over the table top on the sides which allows the table to be stackable. The second one – Pyramid 2 – has a wider table top, allowing one person to be placed at each end of the table.

> Pyramid Tables – 2 designs available

As for the dining tables, the Pyramid benches are available with 2 designs. The first one, Pyramid 11 (stackable), offers a base that slightly goes over the seat on the sides while the second, Pyramid 12, has a wider seat, completely covering the base.
The Pyramid benches can also be used as side tables.

> Pyramid Benches – 2 designs available

smoked oiled oak / black base
black stained oak / black base
Dimensions W45,5 x D48,5 x H81cm
Materials metal base, wooden back & seat

> Result Chair

smoked oiled oak / beige base
matt lacquered oak / beige base
matt lacquered oak / black base
The Pyramid tables and Result chairs are available in 5 finishes: black stained oak / black base, matt lacquered oak / black base, matt lacquered oak / beige base, smoked oiled oak / black base, smoked oiled oak / beige base.

5 finishes

All lovers of architecture and design know Gerrit Rietveld, author of the red and blue chair and the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. His son, Wim, is less famous but is nevertheless the author of some memorable pieces of furniture, such as the Result chair (designed in association with Friso Kramer) and the Pyramid table. Designed in the late 1950s, they were among the first to use the cut sheet steel technique. Solid, light and comfortable, this furniture series was originally designed to equip schools in the Netherlands. Their qualities  allowed them to quickly enter the homes, and to be relaunched today by Hay who offers it in five elegant finishes.



Pyramid tables

Result chair


design Wim Rietveld & Friso Kramer, 1958-59

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