Rime – 641
Dot cushion by Hay with Rime – 731
button with Rime – 641
Rime – 731
Soft Edge chair by Hay with Rime – 541
Rime – 541
Soft Edge chair by Hay with Rime – 111
Rime – 111
Uchiwa lounge chair by Hay with Rime – 741 outside
(Hero 151 fabric inside)
Rime – 741
Uchiwa lounge chair by Hay with Rime – 951 inside
(Hero 211 fabric outside)
Rime – 951
Rime – 641
Rime – 691
Rime – 521
Rime – 231
Rime – 921
Connect sofa by Muuto with Rime – 591
Rime – 591
Rime – 721
Rime – 551
Rime – 621
Rime – 741
Rime – 911
Rime – 781
The Rime fabric is available in 27 colours and is sold by the meter, with a width of 140cm. To ask for fabric samples, use the module above and indicate the colour you need in the "Commentary" field. To order some Rime fabric, click on "View" above, indicate the number of meters you want in the quantity field, the precise the colour your want in the commentary field of your order.
27 colours  available

Rime is a woollen upholstery fabric designed by Åsa Pärson, which has a melange-like look when viewed from a distance. It is named to reflect the harmony of the two unicolours used in each of its colourways. Inspired by polonaise carpets from the 17th century, Rime is constructed with a satin weave. This gives it a tight, smooth and lustrous structure. Each of Rime’s colourways combines a clear tone with a shade. For some colourways, which combine similar tones, Rime appears unicoloured. For others, where there is stronger contrast, the structure of the textile emerges much more clearly. Åsa Pärson: ‘Rime is multifunctional. It has three quite different looks that depend on the level of contrast betweenthe two colours used in its construction - smart, happy or simply elegant.’

The palette for Rime comprises natural and earthy hues, as well as a few highlight colours. Due to the variety of its colourways Rime is very versatile. It is particularly well suited to offices and soft contract usage.


90% new wool worsted, 10% nylon. Weight 580 g/lin.m.

Durability: 100.000 Martindale


Width: 140cm. Sold by the meter.



Rime fabric


design Åsa Pärson

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