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acoustic panels – filling cabinet – organizers 


Hi-Low desk – electrically adjustable from

71,5cm to 118,5cm

(also available with black linoleum)
white laminate tabletop
oak tabletop
ash tabletop
> complete with String Shelving System

String furniture


String Works

modular system


design: Nils Strinning, Anna von Schewen, Björn Dahlström

The question String furniture asked to Architects Anna von Schewen and industrial designer Björn Dahlström was: is it possible to make your work place as pleasant an environment as your living room and still be fully functional? Their response was to develop a whole series of products using the string system as a base. String called it String® Works, a series of furniture for a flexible and contemporary work environment. it is actually classic furniture, which may equally well be used at home in the kitchen or in the study. With String Works, Anna von Schewen and  Björn Dahlström have built on Nisse Strinning ́s simplicity and ingenuity and created a series of furniture both for the present and future.
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